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I am more comfortable with the quiet that lulls in conversation. We can stop fighting if we take a step back and consciously choose not to engage. The first act of aggression might well be the act of not being willing to say to the world: Here I am, this is me, here I am.

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Join the Your Courageous Life community by clicking the image, below. You'll get access to a host of courageous resources, worksheets, audios, and more. Your Most Courageous Self awaits. If there is war within ourselves, there will be war outside ourselves. The Fantasy The tricky part: not realizing when we are waging the wars within. If our kids would behave. Want to look like a winner? Roll your shoulders back, firmly plant your feet, open your chest and keep your head up.

The more confident your body looks, the more confident you will be perceived as. This is called high body power—taking up space with your body. Similar to power posing, forcing a smile can actually make you feel a little better. Going through the motions can help create the emotions. Yoga is relaxing and has been shown to increase production of GABA , an inhibitory neurotransmitter that tempers the nasty feelings from your limbic system and brain stem.

Writing the specific thoughts down helps to do this. Daniel Amen does this before speaking in public to challenge the unhelpful thoughts that make him nervous. Challenge the negative, destructive thoughts in your head. Laughing gives us a bunch of good chemicals as well. Find something to laugh about. Need help finding something?

Try the Skype Laughter Chain:. If possible, get outside and get some sun.

War Within Me

This will boost your B6 and B12, helping your mood. Doing something that requires work, concentration and productivity will give you a sense of accomplishment along with healthy dopamine and boost your confidence. This forces prefrontal cortex activity. Get up and do something productive. Emotions are contagious. A special kind of neuron in the brain called a mirror neuron fires when we see someone doing something, as if we were doing it ourselves. Watching a smile will give us a hint of the feeling too.

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Even looking at a picture like the one below can boost your mood a bit. We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve. So go do something to get it back to 0! Hint 2: do it now. Procrastination is also from your feeling brain.


I guess my dad was right—teaching me to focus on what I want most, not what my feeling brain would tell me I need in the moment. Maybe a bacon maple donut. What drives our behavior? Why do people act the way they do? And most importantly, can you predict and change behavior to be more successful? I think the answer is yes. More about Vanessa.

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Are you looking to kickstart your career? Level up your leadership? Join thousands of students learning to master their people skills and make an impact on the world. And for joining today I'm giving away a free one hour audio training to help you jump start your learning! The War Inside Our Brains.

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Have you ever set the same goal over and over again, but keep failing? Feeling Brain Everyone has 2 brains. What if you could recognize when the seesaw was tipping? Recognizing the Shift I remember as a kid getting to ride an elephant at the zoo.

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Lost Battle When you have a failure and you give into your impulses, rather than beat yourself up, take some time to THINK about what led to giving into the temptation. Take Action Catching your feeling brain trying to take over is the first step. Here are just a handful to get us started: Know Your Happy Chemicals Understanding the chemicals that make us feel happy helps us leverage them.

His parents had migrated to Bisbee, then a copper-mining town in Arizona, a few years before. He became a communist and met my grandmother, also a member of the party but from Belgrade. As students they were both arrested during a riot at Belgrade University for smashing up Nazi-funded labs. My grandmother got a scholarship to study at Edinburgh University just before the outbreak of the second world war. Misa went with her and then the Communist party suggested they spend the war in London. In they returned to Yugoslavia, this time with my two uncles in tow. Private property had been nationalised and a policeman billeted to live in the Petrovac home.

Misa prospered, but, according to my grandparents, non-party people went hungry. They decided to return to the UK, where my father was born.

It was a continuous struggle without citizenship. Misa found himself selling nonstick frying pans at fairgrounds. My grandmother got jobs teaching and translating Serbo-Croat and in the Harrods homeware department. When his British passport came through, Misa got a job with a travel company taking tourists to Yugoslavia.