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For it to be a moving, nuanced novel, Patsy needed to have this. What redeems this book is Dennis-Benn's writing, which is literary and contemplative without ever being fussy. Dialogue also impressed me. Written patois can slow a story, but the patois here reads smoothly, and Dennis-Benn used it effectively in distinguishing her characters and establishing setting.

I consider this ability the mark of a gifted story-teller. Sep 13, Reggie rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Nicole Dennis-Benn has done it again. What a wonderful way to begin a literary career. More fleshed out thoughts to come. View 1 comment.

Jun 10, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: , diaspora , net-galley , june I am not quite sure how to articulate what I feel after reading Patsy. Although I left motherhood for last this is the part of the book that I struggled with the most. When Patsy decided that she is going to chase after the American dream and leave her daughter behind I was judgemental. As a mother I was pissed and unsympathetic. I could not fatho I am not quite sure how to articulate what I feel after reading Patsy.

I could not fathom going to another country without my child for the sake of my own freedom. But Patsy does just that.

Patsy, by Seamwork

She leaves Jamaica for the freedom to be with the woman she loves. She wants to be able to love without fear, judgement or reprisals. Patsy leaves to be free of her mother's religiosity with her house full of idols to a White Jesus and the smell of rosemary oil anointing the walls.

Although she loves Tru, Patsy has always known she did not want to be a mother. In some respects she sees her departure as a gift. When Patsy leaves she knows she is never coming back. Patsy made me uncomfortable because it forced me to look at motherhood from a different perspective. Although I may never agree with the character Patsy's decisions, by the end of the book I felt I had come to understand her.

Dennis-Benn's ability to draw complex characters and push her readers to rethink their original position is why her stories are so compelling. View all 3 comments. May 12, BookOfCinz rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , caribbean-books. We meet Patsy, a twenty something Jamaican living in Pennyfield- what one would call a ghetto. Patsy is a government worker, but gets paid so little, she ends up doing some on the side work that is she not too proud about.

Patsy is the sole breadwinner, but she is hardly able to provide for her daughter Tru and her mother who stopped worki I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nicole Dennis-Benn's debut novel Here Comes The Sun so much so Patsy was one of my most sought after ARC for Patsy is the sole breadwinner, but she is hardly able to provide for her daughter Tru and her mother who stopped working after finding the Lord because "the Lord will provide". Of course, Patsy now have to pick up the slack that the Lord doesn't fill.

It just seems like she cannot catch a break. This all changes when Patsy receives the American visa she's been applying for. Patsy's oldest and dearest friend Cicely left Pennyfield a decade ago and from her letters to Patsy, moving to New York was the best thing that ever happened to her. Cicely paints a picture of hope, wealth and overall happier life once Patsy lands in New York. What Cicely does not make mention of is any plans for her and Patsy rekindling their love once she arrives. Patsy decides to put herself first for once and makes the decision to move to America, leaving behind her mother and her five-year-old daughter Tru.

Her mother must now truly depend on the Lord to provide and her daughter Tru will have to live with her father and his family. Patsy says goodbye to Jamaica, for the land of opportunity, America.


Of course, once Patsy arrives in America, she realizes it is nothing as Cicely described in her letters. Reality hits hard for Patsy, an undocumented immigrant who finds herself doing things she would dream of doing if she was still in Jamaica. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Pasty. I feel she is a character I don't always read about and it was refreshing doing so. I liked how complex Patsy is as a character, Dennis-Benn wrote a believable character and that is what I loved most about the book. It is not everyday you read about motherhood like this and I felt it was explored in a truly authentic way.

Celebrating Patsy Cline

The themes explored in this book are not new, but I felt the author did a solid job of exploring each in a way I never thought of. I am over how a lot of people think the streets of America are lined with numerous opportunities and all they need to do is get a visa, get there and their lives will be changed for the better. I am also over reading about the barrel children who will have to grow up without their parent s.

On the other hand, this is a reality in Jamaica and the Caribbean, I've had Aunts and Uncles who left Jamaica seeking a better life elsewhere. So on some level, I feel like this is a story that deserves to be told, and Nicole Dennis-Benn did this a great way. I did enjoy the book but I didn't love it as much as I did her previous novel. I think it was a tad bit too long and the ending was a bit too rushed.

Overall, this is a truly a great addition to Caribbean literature. View all 6 comments. Jul 24, Jessica Woodbury rated it really liked it Shelves: bestarcs , audiobooks , arc , lgbtq , authors-of-color. It's not a small feat.

The Untold Story of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn's Remarkable Friendship

Dennis-Benn writes urgent, beautiful, heartwrenching stories about the women the world ignores. Patsy has made a surprisingly good life for herself for a woman in a poor neighborhood in Jamaica. Her life has not been easy, her mother is so obsessed with religion that she doesn't contribute to the family at all, and Patsy's daughter was an unpla 4.

Her life has not been easy, her mother is so obsessed with religion that she doesn't contribute to the family at all, and Patsy's daughter was an unplanned pregnancy with a man who is married to another woman. It may be as good of a life as Patsy can hope for, but Patsy dreams of more: she dreams of a life with Cicely, her childhood friend and eventually lover, who now lives in New York City.

When Patsy gets a long-awaited visa, she is ready to leave her life behind entirely for Cicely, including her 6-year-old daughter Tru. Patsy's new life isn't as simple as she expected and we follow her through years of life as an undocumented immigrant after years of having an office job. Patsy is not grateful for any job she can get, she is ashamed and frustrated, she wants more, and she is intensely lonely.

The book does not take the easy way out, it does not let us follow Patsy and try to forget what she has left behind. Instead it follows both Patsy and Tru through time.

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We learn more about Patsy's past, all she has gone through, including the many ways her own mother abandoned her and the difficulty she had bonding with her own daughter. We see all the way she feels guilt for Tru and how that guilt paralyzes her.

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Simultaneously, we see Tru move in with her father's family, how much she misses her mother, and how she copes as she gradually realizes her mother isn't coming back. This is what makes the book so difficult, but it is also what makes it so real. We see how trauma runs through Patsy's past, we see what she is trying to save her daughter from, but we also see how Patsy doesn't fully understand her decision or her own guilt.

We are getting books that reconsider and reexamine motherhood, and PATSY is definitely one of them as well as one of the most unflinching and honest about what happens when you do not want to be a mother. Patsy and Tru are drawn in such detail, they are so fully-formed by the end of the novel that it is hard to believe they are not real. Dennis-Benn is truly able to give you something that is so firmly rooted in emotion that it manages to feel epic in scale because the feelings it taps into are so real and so intense.