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All the functions will be loaded lightning fast while staying on the same page.

When you start using the Accounting plugin, you need to input your current financial data into the opening balance. Check out this documentation to get a clear idea about Opening Balance. To close your financial year there is an option called closing balance.

With the new updated invoice feature, you can create modern invoices. We have added an Estimate feature that will help you create an estimated invoice for future reference.

What Is ERP?

This process is also known as a quotation. Our new invoice feature will increase accounting accuracy and will eliminate errors like money lost or duplicate invoices. It is added to the menu bar on the top so that it will be easier to locate. You can set your tax rates according to your tax zone, tax agency, and tax categories.

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Give a read to this documentation to know more about Tax payment. Over the years users have faced a lot of issues over tax rates and their payments.

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Our plugin will take care of the calculation for the users. So all your transaction management will be a lot easier to handle.

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We have also introduced a check system so that you can perform your transaction through check. To create bills and pay those bills faster, a proper billing system can be of great impact. We have kept the trial balance, ledger report, balance sheet, income statement, and sales tax more organized and informative for you to easily understand the new Accounting plugin.

The new ledger report will greatly help you if you are trying to understand the latest balance of an account in no time. Provides synchronized information transfer in between different functional areas such as sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, human resource, logistics, etc.

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It is not always easy to incorporate ERP in an organization. Sometimes business processes critical to an organization are to be re-engineered to align them with an ERP solution. Many companies develop and implement various ERP packages according to their budget and requirements to help them meet their business needs and run their business efficiently. The following link takes you to a page from Wikipedia where you can find a list of almost all the ERP packages designed worldwide. Previous Page. Having an ERP system will help to keep a close look on your business finances and measure them across key metrics, allowing you to have better financial compliance across regulatory standards, thus, in turn, reducing your overall risk.

Introduction to ERP Software

Automation: We must agree that there are several aspects in every business that can be automated completely. Automation not only increases efficiency but will reduce your overall risk.

With an ERP system, all your core business processes, like inventory management, accounting and even supply chain management can be seamlessly automated and managed using a single dashboard, thus making the entire ecosystem much simpler to manage and run. Customer Relations: No matter which industry you are in, maintaining a steady and healthy relation with your customers and clients is very important both to sustain your business and to reach new heights.

A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to ERP software

One of the best advantages of having an ERP in place is that you can provide all your employees with a single interface for billing and relationship management so that no one will have to reach out to multiple teams to reach a simple solution. In the rapidly growing global business ecosystem of today, ERP systems are more advanced and now have features that include business intelligence BI among others.

New features and tools are being constantly added making this is the right time to get an ERP system for your business or organization if you want to stay ahead in the race. Canais ERP offers plenty of features that help you run your business seamlessly. Small and medium-sized enterprises often produce parts as suppliers for various industries and are therefore faced with specific requirements every day.

What is SAP? Why do we need ERP? Beginner Tutorial

IAS opens its 9th office in Pune, India, the leading country of information technologies. Nowadays, every business requires ERP as it has become an easy-to-hold option. It can be daunting and time-consuming to plot out resources and plan out the procedures. The target audience of this text is all real persons whose personal data are processed by our Company.

Personal data that are processed in the capacity of data controller are cited below in the form of a non-exhaustive list;.