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Mi taller de dibujo 1 PDF Kindle. Full Text Available Relazione riassuntiva in occasione dell'incontro organizzato e promosso dall 'Associazione A. Susceptibility of Dall sheep Ovis dalli dalli to pneumonia caused by Pasteurella haemolytica. We evaluated susceptibility of Dall sheep Ovis dalli dalli to bacterial pneumonia induced by two strains of Pasteurella haemolytica of domestic sheep origin by evaluating the sensitivity of blood neutrophils of eight Dall sheep to lysis by cytotoxins of P.

Neutrophils from the Dall sheep were more sensitive to lysis by cytotoxins from supernatants of a P. This cytotoxic bacterium was the same isolate that was used for intratracheal inoculation of two Dall sheep and two domestic sheep. Inoculation of this cytotoxic P. This strain of P.


A noncytotoxic strain of P. Prior to inoculation, P. At necropsy, cytotoxic P. Based on these results, we conclude that Dall sheep appear to be at least as sensitive as bighorn sheep to pneumonia caused by P. Because in vitro and in vivo results appear closely correlated in this and other studies, we believe with additional evaluation and standardization, neutrophil cytotoxicity tests may serve as a substitute for live animal challenges in future.

Accurate discharge figures are needed for consistent day-to-day management and are required to meet treaty obligations with Canada. At each age period, children were grouped, using partitioning cluster analysis, according to the distribution of 23 variables covering symptoms 'ever' and 'in the last 12 months', doctor diagnosis, age Richmond, Marshall C.

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At The Dalles Dam, located between Oregon and Washington on the Columbia River, juvenile salmon passing over the spillway have a survival rate that is below acceptable levels. An important factor affecting survival is the egress route fish take through the immediate tailrace of the dam. Passage through the high-energy spillway and stilling basin environment can leave fish disoriented and vulnerable to predators.

Egress conditions can be improved through structural and operational modifications that provide flow paths that move fish more rapidly into the thalweg of the river hence reducing their exposure to predators. We used the results from free-surface computational fluid dynamics CFD modeling combined with Lagrangian particle tracking to evaluate the tailrace egress conditions at The Dalles Dam for different alignments of a proposed guidance wall and for different spillway discharge scenarios. Comparative genomics of vesicomyid clam Bivalvia : Mollusca chemosynthetic symbionts.

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Full Text Available Abstract Background The Vesicomyidae Bivalvia : Mollusca are a family of clams that form symbioses with chemosynthetic gamma-proteobacteria. They exist in environments such as hydrothermal vents and cold seeps and have a reduced gut and feeding groove, indicating a large dependence on their endosymbionts for nutrition.

Recently, two vesicomyid symbiont genomes were sequenced, illuminating the possible nutritional contributions of the symbiont to the host and making genome-wide evolutionary analyses possible. Results To examine the genomic evolution of the vesicomyid symbionts, a comparative genomics framework, including the existing genomic data combined with heterologous microarray hybridization results, was used to analyze conserved gene content in four vesicomyid symbiont genomes. These four symbionts were chosen to include a broad phylogenetic sampling of the vesicomyid symbionts and represent distinct chemosynthetic environments: cold seeps and hydrothermal vents.


Conclusion The results of this comparative genomics analysis emphasize the importance of the symbionts' chemoautotrophic metabolism within their hosts. The fact that these symbionts appear to be metabolically capable autotrophs underscores the extent to which the host depends on them for nutrition and reveals the key to invertebrate colonization of these challenging environments. Conversazione con Giancarlo Dall 'Ara. This report summarizes the characterization of spillway passage conditions at The Dalles Dam in and the effort to complete a comprehensive database for data sets from The Dalles Dam spillway Sensor Fish and balloon-tagged live fish experiments.

Penelitian ini bertujuan membandingkan diversitas dan kerapatan mangrove dengan kepadatan gastropoda dan bivalvia di mangrove alami dan rehabilitasi. Pengukuran ekosistem mangrove menggunakan transek kuadrat 10 m x 10 m. Kelimpahan dan kepadatan gastropoda dan bialvia menggunakan transek kuadrat berukuran 1 m x 1 m. Analisis nMDS, cluster untuk melihat hubungan karekteristik mangrove alami dan rehabilitasi dianalisis secara deskriptif dan analisis regresi untuk mendetermi Skalski, J.

The purpose of this compliance study was to estimate dam passage survival of subyearling Chinook salmon at The Dalles Dam during summer Under the Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opinion, dam passage survival is required to be greater than or equal to 0. The study also estimated survival from the forebay 2 km upstream of the dam and through the tailrace to 2 km downstream of the dam, forebay residence time, tailrace egress time, spill passage efficiency SPE , and fish passage efficiency FPE , as required by the Columbia Basin Fish Accords. Johnson, Gary E. Diversity of gastrointestinal helminths in Dall 's sheep and the negative association of the abomasal nematode, Marshallagia marshalli, with fitness indicators.

Gastrointestinal helminths can have a detrimental effect on the fitness of wild ungulates.

Arctic and Subarctic ecosystems are ideal for the study of host-parasite interactions due to the comparatively simple ecological interactions and limited confounding factors. We used a unique dataset assembled in the early seventies to study the diversity of gastrointestinal helminths and their effect on fitness indicators of Dall 's sheep, Ovis dalli dalli, in the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Parasite diversity included nine species, among which the abomasal nematode Marshallagia marshalli occurred with the highest prevalence and infection intensity. The intensity of M. The intensity of the intestinal whipworm, Trichuris schumakovitschi, decreased with age.

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No other parasites were significantly associated with age, body condition, or pregnancy. Our study suggests that M. The goal of the study was to provide information on smolt passage that will inform decisions on long-term measures and operations to enhance sluiceway passage and reduce turbine passage to improve smolt survival at the dam.

The study addressed one of the main programs dedicated to improving juvenile salmonid survival at The Dalles Dam: Surface Flow Bypass. The study objectives see below were met using a combination of hydroacoustic and hydraulic data.


The study incorporated fixed-location hydroacoustic methods across the entire powerhouse, with especially intense sampling using multiple split-beam transducers at all sluiceway portals. We did not sample fish passage at the spillway in In the sluiceway nearfield, we used an acoustic camera to track fish movements.

The fish data were interpreted with hydraulic data from a computational fluid dynamics CFD model.

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Skalski, John R.