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Omna Shawl — Omna is the Irish word for Oak tree. On the day we took these pictures, I remember looking around at the beautiful trees and seeing oak leaves on the ground. The pattern is an easy design.


Bernat Owl Crochet Super Scarf | Yarnspirations

The first few rows require concentration, but I have included step by step photos to help the process. Gradient cake yarns makes a gorgeous wrap, and only a few threads to weave in! I included the multiples for the pattern, so you can make your shawl any width you choose. Row 1 : 1 dc into 5 th ch from hook, [ch 1, skip 1 ch, dc into next ch] twice. Repeat row 3 until you have reached the length you require, or run out of yarn!

I made a total of rows using 2 cakes of yarn. I left enough for fringing. Weave in all threads. Block shawl by pinning into shape and steaming gently. Cut lengths of yarn approx. I used 6 lengths for one side, and 7 lengths for the other side total of 13 You will need lengths of yarn for each fringe piece, depending how thick you want your fringe. Fold each piece in half and attach to the points on both ends of wrap.

Candy Kisses Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Row 2 : Ch 3, skip first 2 dc, and next ch-1 sp, [dc into next ch-1 sp, ch 1] 3 times,. However if you purchase something using the link I get a very small reward to help me continue providing Free patterns. Thank you! The photographs and pattern contained on this page are the property of Annie Design Crochet.

This pattern is for personal use only. No unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part, or distribution of this pattern or content is permitted.

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This pattern is so pretty and fun and easy! Every trip we took she would have specific birds she was hoping to see. She had bird feeders all over her backyard and would sit in her favorite chair by the window with her binoculars nearby in case something new came into her yard. This crochet scarf is similar to the knit version, particularly with the layout of the owls. A band of owls at each end of the scarf with the stitch of your choice taking up the center of the scarf.

In this case I used a rope stitch pattern. Decorations for the rope stitch as shown are included in the pattern. A shortened version of the scarf so you can see how the owl ears point towards each other. That way when the scarf hangs around your neck the owls are all facing the right way!

Usually, a scarf has two ends, and you wrap it around your neck. A cowl, on the other hand, is a single circle. This crochet scarf kind of sits in between the two designs, and in a way is almost like a shawlette.

Borders, Stitches and Motifs

Whatever you want to call it, the delicate design with the asymmetrical floral edge is a beautiful addition to any outfit. Kristin Omdahl. Some crafters enjoy both knitting and crochet. You can make the same scarf in both crafts using these two matching patterns. This is a lightweight scarf made with fingering weight yarn. Everything about this pattern is perfect. The big blocks of color are bold but contemporary. The texture of the crochet bobbles is a delight to craft and to wear just look at that fringe! Plus, this crochet pattern is available for free through Yarnspirations.

Perhaps you like the look of knit fabric but only know how to crochet.

Crochet Owl Super Scarf

No problem! This is a crochet scarf pattern that uses a stitch that makes it look like it's been knit. Bonus: it comes with a matching winter hat pattern. Oombawka Design. The design is worked primarily in basic stitches, with texture added thanks to double crochet cluster stitches. This crochet pattern uses a type of yarn that changes color in blocks as you work. It is perfect for creating the big stripes that make this triangle scarf stand out.

Ribbed Crochet Owl Scarf

Go big or go home! This super scarf measures 12" across and 8' long! It uses big stitches crafted with a big crochet hook. Plus it has big, bold color! Does anything look like it could be more cozy to crochet than this big scarf? You will want to make one for everyone you know, wrapping them up in the love of your stitches.

More Than 10,000 Crochet Patterns and Pieces

This colorful crochet scarf is worked side-to-side. The pom-pom fringe is crafted as you go. It is a unique way to make a scarf, and it is a fun scarf to wear.

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What if we told you that you could make an extra large crochet scarf in under two hours with no ends to weave in? That's what the designer promises with this mega scarf crochet pattern. A scarf doesn't have to be too serious.

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Inject a sense of humor into your wardrobe when you wear this crochet scarf designed to look like a horse! If horses aren't your thing, check out the designer's Etsy store for other animal scarf crochet patterns, including designs for a cow, a panda, and one that has a crochet cat on one end and a dog on the other. Wiam's Crafts.