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Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Pneuma: Breath of Life forces you to think outside the box through a narrated story of self-discovery, whilst exploring the ontological mystery of the breath of life. Features award winning voice actor 'Jay Britton' as Pneuma. All Reviews:. Deco Digital , Bevel Studios. Deco Digital. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

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Publisher: Deco Digital. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. Add all DLC to Cart. This is why nosebleeds happen fairly easily. The blood supply also acts as a chemical cleanser of the air, and gives the nose design features in common with modern air-cleaning antipollution devices:. After being warmed up and cleaned, air passes into the main windpipe, or trachea. From there it goes into two large branches, the main bronchi singular bronchus where further cleaning, by removal of finer particles, takes place. These progressively branch into increasingly smaller bronchi, with the very small ones being called bronchioli. These waving hairs move a layer of mucus ever upwards toward the throat, where the layer and its entrapped particles can be swallowed. Just before each bronchiolus ends in a tiny air sac called an alveolus, the cells lining it change. Instead of making mucus, they have enzymes to dissolve it, and thus the smallest are kept from being plugged by the protective mucus. Each alveolus is shaped like a tiny room, with thin surrounding walls, and a doorway coming from a bronchiolus.

The walls are ultra-thin, and tightly packed with these capillaries, so that gas exchange by simple diffusion can take place. The oxygenated blood is then returned to the heart for circulation to the rest of the body. The renewed oxygen, in turn, drives the metabolic reactions which give our cells energy and life. The specialized cells of the alveoli are fascinating.

The lining cells flatten themselves out like pancakes, to make the alveolar walls as thin as possible. These body-defence cells are found in many tissues, but the kind in the lungs are super-specialized. They rove across the alveolar walls like flatfish on the ocean bottom, eating any fine contaminants which have escaped the air cleaners above. If the macrophages are overwhelmed by an infectious invasion, then white blood cells migrate into the alveoli to help them. Widespread lung infection is called pneumonia. Why the great emphasis on air-cleaning in the respiratory system?

For one thing, the warm, wet climate of the alveoli makes them an ideal place for microbes to grow, and the air is full of microbes and their spores. We would all die of pneumonia in a few days without our built-in air-cleaning systems. Another reason is that otherwise the lungs would soon fill up with inhaled dust. Finally, toxic inhalants need to be cleared out before they can permanently disable the delicate alveolar cells.

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The lung damage and death caused by tobacco smoking is a good example of the issues involved. Despite the cleaning mechanisms, some smoke, dust and toxins will reach the alveoli. The lungs and airways can temporarily overcome the injuries of smoking, sometimes for many years.

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However, various degrees of permanent lung damage will eventually ensue and, while smoking continues, will progress. Such damage can often cause early death. Human lungs can generally withstand disease for a long time because of the abundance of functional reserve built into them.

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This high degree of functional reserve is also found in most other human body organs e. It is in keeping with the providence we should expect of a good and generous God.