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Go to Gab. It only took me about a day to get in. Find me there as MommyLove. There are some people there investigating PizzaGate and I am trying to get them to see the connection between CPS and the kidnapping of children. Keep fighting! Once you get in find me there as MommyLove. Hope to see you soon. This is not a good placement for him yet alone to be adopted by this foster family. I am running out of time and need help quickly.

Mother Chokes Daughter's Bully

I have the history documented in a clear concise matter to share with you. Please contact me asap.

Thank-you Grandma to my grandson. I have a family law attorney, just need help! Ksey did you find a lawyer? I am in Texas but my adopted 10 year old son is in custody in Florida. The agency there is a horrible mess and everyone I have contacted has an attitude. I need help!!!! I am having troubling lawyers that will defend parents in a CPS case.

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They stole my children without a case even being started. And so much more every person thats evaluated me has said to seek justice. This is why im here …. Eight 1 three 9 six five 0 four 9 0 Crystalmillerbrooks at gmail.

Makes me sick what CPS continues to get away with in lieu of the huge audit they must now deal with. Should have more news about that as well. Hang in there everyone and wish me luck. I am in phoenix az and my daughter was taken from cps i was accused of abuse and domestic violence but there is no evidence. I was not arrested with anything I was forced into doing services i completed all my services I did 15 sessions of masters level counseling completed my evaluation the doctor recommended no medication I completed my dometic violence class and also my parent aid class once all that was completed they forced me to do another 20 sessions of PhD level counseling and they do not provide transportation for me to attend my counseling.

Don't Like the Current System? Share Your Story

They also allowed placement to move my daughter out of the city to another making it more difficult for me to see my child she now lives 2 hours away. I live in New Mexico. My 15 year old son got into an altercation with my husband yesterday. He punched my husband in the face several times, and kicked him in the crotch.

My husband left marks on his side while trying to get him to stop attacking him. My son called A deputy came out, interviewed my son, and took pictures of his side without telling me he was going to take the pictures. A CYFD worker showed up at my door about an hour later. He said he needed to come in to make sure that our water worked and that there was food in the house.

Stupidly, I let him because by that time, I was exhausted and just wanted him to go away. He then interviewed both of my children without me being present, had my son take his shirt off and took his own pictures. I did not give him permission to photograph my son, and he did not tell me he was going to. He also told my son that we were abusing him. I was told at the time that this would only be for a couple of days, at most. He also threatened me with welfare checks throughout the night to make sure I was complying, and told me that if I did not answer the door at any time if they decided to show up, that it would look really bad for me.

He told me that he had made a doctor appointment for my son at 9 tomorrow morning, and that I HAD to take him. When I told him that I did not have a car to take him, as my husband had the car, and I had been told the day before that he could not bring the car to me, he told me that my only option was to file a restraining order against my husband so that he the caseworker could arrange for transportation for us. When I told him that I would not be filing a restraining order against my husband, he then changed the story again by saying that all I had to do was sign a release form, and he would come and pick my son up in the morning and take him to the appointment.

I then told him that he did not have my permission to take my child anywhere without me, he changed the story again. This time, it was that he could arrange for me and my daughter I also have a year-old daughter who repeatedly told these people that they were not being abused to go as well.

Then, he told me for some reason that I needed to find a family member to take my son for the weekend, even though there was no danger to him, as my husband was not in the home. I asked why I needed to do this, as my son was obviously not in any immediate danger, and he got angry and started telling me that I was making excuses for my husband instead of protecting my child.

So, I went inside to see if I could contact someone. I managed to get a family friend to agree to take him, but when I went back outside to tell him that, he handed me a piece of paper that says notice of custody, and told me he was taking my son. This form is not signed by a judge, neither did he ask for me to sign anything when he took my son.

He just went into my house, told my son to pack a bag, and took him. He gave me no information, other than to tell me that we would be having a family meeting next week, and that I needed to bring a list of people who could take my child long-term. I now know that it is Monday at 9 in the morning, but that is only because the family friend that was going to take him for the weekend called to find out what was going on, as she had expected a call. I am scared that I will not be able to see my son again, as I have heard so many stories about CYFD taking kids temporarily, and then putting them in foster care.

Alina, your children, at 13 and 15, are not too likely to be held in foster care without you being able to see them. Mainly, they want preschool children who could be adopted out. Teenagers could be placed in a group home but you would always have visits. And it seems you are not considered a problem; only your husband. Work with your lawyer to get this straightened out. Please let us know how everything turns out.


It has now been 20 days, and I have not spoken to my son. We have had two meetings with CYFD, and a custody hearing since then. I have found out that my son is in a foster home, and they have enrolled him in school. He has been at none of these meetings, as he was in school. My in-laws have called to find out if he could go and stay with them, but CYFD has told them that they need to apply to be foster parents for that to happen. As of right now, I have heard nothing from anyone and our custody hearing was last Thursday. Everyone fighting a CPS needs to find out who your county supervisor is and not only file a complaint, but ask for an appointment.

It seems Congress cannot get involved in county matters. Also write and get an appointment with your governor, get an attorney, learn your rights. For those of you in Sac County, district 3, the supervisor is Susan Peters and believe her email is susanpeters-at-saccounty. Thank you so much. I am currently in a battle with CPS our children were taken from us and are in custody of my sister.

How is this possible they can just keep extending it out with no proof. File a complaint with hhs through Washington, DC…www. If you feel the judge made a bad decision or your attorney, you can file complaints against them too. My court appointed attorney is doing nothing. They are doing anything and everything they can to keep him from us. The key to getting an attorney to answer your calls and do his or her job is to use Email because then its documented as to what you ask them to do for your case. They can be liable for a lawsuit that is how i got return calls and answers to my questions when needed.

I live in Spring, TX. Taken by cps due to testing positive for drugs at birth.

Folklore of the Santal Parganas

Numerous voicemails left and emails sent. She went on to say everything is up to the judge and attorney for the child. Hoping someone can help. Brenda, I would read the state social services regulations about kinship care and make copies then hand-carry them with a letter to the county commissioners in the other state, and state legislators.

Folklore of the Santal Parganas

We did that and all it got us was retaliation. Get an attorney because that is the only way to fight these sick people. File your case with Washington DC and stay pro active. Good luck and sending prayers your way. This was all very unexpected, of course. My name is Jennifer Curtis.

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  4. I need help fighting cps. I am truly being railroaded. I want to fight for my babies. Please contact me. First off, file a complaint against cps through Washington DC. I posted the information, but if do not have, let me know. Through your state, file for a state administrative hearing, file against the judge and attorneys too if they have been unfair.