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Loriga became a textile manufacturing center in the beginth century. While that industry has since dissipated, today the town attracts a sizable tourist trade due to its picturesque scenery and vicinity to the Loriga Ski Resort, the only ski center in Portugal, totally inside the town limits. Loriga Portuguese pronunciation: [loriga] is a town Portuguese: vila in south-central part of the municipality of Seia, in central Portugal. In , estimates have the resident population at about inhabitants, in an area of Loriga was founded originally along a column between ravines where today the historic centre exists.

When the Romans arrived in the region, the settlement was concentrated into two areas.

The larger, older and principal agglomeration was situated in the area of the main church and Rua de Viriato, fortified with a wall and palisade. The 1st century Roman road and two bridges the second was destroyed in the 16th century after flooding connected the outpost of Lorica to the rest of their Lusitanian province.

This church, was to the invokation of Santa Maria Maior, and constructed over the ancient small Visigothic chapel there is a lateral block with Visigoth inscriptions visible. This structure was destroyed during the earthquake, and only portions of the lateral walls were preserved.

In , as a consequence of its support, it was stripped of municipal status during the municipal reforms of the 19th century. Loriga was an industrial centre for textile manufacturing during the 19th century. It was one of the few industrialized centres in the Beira Interior region, even supplanting Seia until the middle of the 20th century.

The wool industry started to decline during the last decades of the 20th century, a factor that aggravated and accelerated the decline of the region.


A main town is accessible by the national roadway E. The region is carved by U-shaped glacial valleys, modelled by the movement of ancient glaciers. The main valley, Vale de Loriga was carved by longitudanal abrasion that also created rounded pockets, where the glacial resistance was minor. The central town, Loriga, is seven kilometres from Torre the highest point , but the parish is sculpted by cliffs, alluvial plains and glacial lakes deposited during millennia of glacial erosion, and surrounded by rare ancient forest that surrounded the lateral flanks of these glaciers.

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Textiles are the principal local export; Loriga was a hub the textile and wool industries during the 19th century, in addition to being subsistence agriculture responsible for the cultivation of corn. The Loriguense economy is based on metallurgical industries, bread-making, commercial shops, restaurants and agricultural support services.

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While that textile industry has since dissipated, the town began to attract a tourist trade due to its proximity to the Serra da Estrela and Vodafone Ski Resort the only ski center in Portugal , which was constructed within the parish limits. But pursued by the enemy, the Lusitanians elect one of their own and hand him absolute power. Viriathus, is considered the first Lusian figure, and also national hero in Portugal.

Viriathus, was praised had to is great qualities human beings, and of great strategist to military and diplomat, inclusively for the old Romans historians. Viriathus, proved that at the time, such as today,the individual capacities do not depend on the social estratum nor of the academical qualifications. Viriathus,was only one shepherd, accustomed since child to cover mountains of the heart of the Lusitania. Roman,the superpower of the time, only obtained to arrange away it to win,resort to the shameful and dishonourable treason coward!

Curiously,it was after an act of high treason of the part of the Romans, wich cost the life the thousand of disarmed Lusitanians, that Viriathus was elect to leader for is compatriots. Viriathus, leader that it directed with effectiveness the resistence of the Lusitanians, ancestors of the Portugueses, against a powerful invader, is considered since its time an example to follow.

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Viriathus,was a true military genious,politician and diplomat. But, moreover, he was the defender of a world asphyxiated by the great Roman dominion. The world in which he very roots of Portugal are implanted. Viriathus, is a real portuguese national hero. All great historians, beginning with the ancient Romans, praise the great qualities of Viriato.

In them they stand out, the intelligence, the humanism, the capacity of leadership, and its great vision of military strategist and politician. To this great man, who led the Lusitanians, the ancestors of the Portugueses, the Romans only managed to win by shameful, cowardly betrayal.

This man, like others who have gone down in history, had humble beginnings, proving at the time, as it is today, that individual capacities do not depend on the social stratum nor on academic qualifications.

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Viriathus, was only a shepherd, an occupation he accumulated with that of a warrior, like many other Lusitanians, who had been accustomed since he was a child to travel through the mountains of the Herminios present Serra da Estrela , where he was born, and which he knew as the palms of his hands, the lusitanian settlements of the mountain range. The Lobriga, probably their homeland, a fortified settlement strategically located near the highest point of the mountain range, the Romans named Lorica warrior armor they wore.

Loriga encontra-se a 80km da Guarda e km de Lisboa.

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